'When your vets are close 6pm-9am DAILY'
24hrs from 1pm Saturdays thru to Monday mornings AND BANK HOLIDAY 365 days a year

If you :

  • Are a fully qualified RVN
  • Are available to take calls during veterinary surgery out of hours
  • Would like an extra income

Please fill out the following form and we will contact you regarding any current vacancies.

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“My name is Vicky and I am a qualified veterinary nurse with 16 years experience.  I joined PHS Direct in June of this year having taken a break from general nursing to have my second child.  I was pleased to stumble across PHS's Direct's job advert and was very impressed by their website and the professional nature of a team of qualified Veterinary Nurses available to advise the general public within 30 seconds.

I was given lots of help and support when I first joined which has been ongoing.  PHS is a very friendly and helpful team with lots of back up support and access to webinars for further career development.

I really enjoy taking PHS Direct calls, it allows me to work whilst my children are in bed at times when I would be at home anyway.  I get a really good feeling knowing that i am using my knowledge to help people's pets. “
Vicky Leschallas,
Veterinary Nurse