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The Most Popular Pet in the USA

According to the National Pet Owners Survey conducted between 2019 and 2020, at least 67% of households in the USA keep a pet of some kind. This latest survey also shows that dogs are among the most popular pets, even though reptiles are slowly giving them a tight competition.
The number of homeowners adopting pets is on the rise. Children are not left behind in the trend. This phenomenon can be attributed to a number of reasons, with the first one being that pets are believed to be stress relievers. They are also said to be extremely loyal.
A pet has its fair share of expenses considering that it has to be fed, needs medication, insurance, shelter, shampooing, among other expenses. Yet it is still valued in a number of households. Some pet owners would rather have very little interactions with humans, but not separated from their favorite pets. That is just how much pets are valued.

Which Breed of Dog Trends in America?

Labradors fondly referred to as Labs, are currently touted as the most popular pets in America. Most owners say they have a good temperament and are intuitive, too. They can also perform several unique duties without getting overwhelmed. For example, when you are hooked onto your favorite program, they will loyally sit beside you.
As soon as you get up to have your usual jog, the Labrador will be by your side. Anytime you want to swim, hike, hunt, or play ball, trust the Lab to be a willing company. You can bet they do not disappoint when you are in trouble of any sort. Most Labradors are willing to go the extra mile to secure their owner’s safety. No wonder they are the best choice for assisting the Visually Impaired!

Other Popular Pets

Apart from dogs, cats are similarly favorite pets. They are described as very cute animals, taking into consideration that they have very soft fur that makes a nice feel on the skin. Although they may not match the loyalty of dogs, they are equally friendly, with little demands compared to dogs. Their clean nature is unique and overly appreciated, mostly by students. Keeping cats is no big deal since a student can easily have a favorite cat in college, while professionals handle statistics homework for them. It is that easy.
Fish seem to be attracting attention too. Considered third among the most favorite pets, these water animals are owned by more than 12% of American families. They are an attractive décor in the home as their habitat must be decorated with beautiful rocks and flora. Since they are kept in captivity, they are said to be relatively easy to maintain.
Birds are stealing the show as well. With a 6% ownership in the US, birds are said to be fun to adopt as they are playful. They also possess melodious sounds that make for an interesting hearing. Among the two most popular birds is the parrot. The other one is the cockatiels.
A small animal whose demand is on the rise is the hamster. With little demands in terms of food and shelter, this animal is often chosen by kids. Students pursuing different courses at the University consider them a favorite as well.

Balancing College Life with Pet Keeping

Students have no reason not to keep pets while getting their degrees. All one needs to do is have a timetable for studies and one for leisure. Things are now even easier for them as they can have assignments done at affordable rates after presenting speedypaper discount code to have a little off the regular fee.
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